Fun With Mormons Pt. 1

Another thing you all may not know about me, since we know each other so very little, is that I have a strange fascination with religions. Now it mostly pertains to Occult type religions, as what is 'hidden', as the name applies, is quite interesting to me. Not that these religions have anything deeply spiritual to offer per se, nor do I follow the tenants of any religion except maybe the one dedicated to myself as Deity.

For the most part I have steered away from any Christian sects. It's not that I have a serious disliking for any of them, it's just that whenever I meet someone from one of those religions (such as the Mormons or Jehovah's Witnesses) they always seem so hellbent on converting me. Besides that I spent 9 years in Catholic school, with daily mass and lessons. Apparently though I missed all the good tidbits of information that would so entertain me in the last few years.

Take for instance the JWs. Did you know that windchimes are evil, as the Devil speaks through them? Or perhaps the Mormons who believe that the Native Americans came over to America on a wooden submarine that was 'tight unto like a dish'. Plus there's the shiney brass compass that god left for his followers one night to find their way.

Now the Mormons have been especially good to me. So far I've recieved a Book of Mormom, a King James Bible, some pamphlets, and a great 'Walking with Jesus' DVD. All this obtained from the comfort of my computer chair. It's unfortunate that to get the better material, I'll need to have them come by and try to convert me to their way. But there is the chance of obtaining more goodies such as their 'Pearl of Great Price', and 'the Doctrine and Covenants'. One of said books is supposedly quite fringe even for the Mormons from what I'm told.

To Be Continued,
Lord Salens

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