I came across this article while browsing my home page today. South Dakota Governor Mike Rounds has signed legislation that would make it a crime for a doctor to perform an abortion if they can't prove that the procedure was neccessary to save the woman's life.

The thing I never understood though, is this: Why doesn't the man get a say in whether or not the woman gets an abortion, but if she chooses to have the child, he automatically has to pay child support. I was told once that, "a woman has the right to do with her body whatever she chooses." or some such bull shite. Well, first of all, the baby has seperate DNA from the mother, that kind of leads me to believe that that isn't her body. and secondly, I don't see how that arguement holds sway in my orginal statement about the guy paying child support.

Now don't get me wrong, I am in favor of child support, and I am against abortion. It just seems like the law, in this area, is quite sexist.