Time Loops (History Repeating)

Its odd, but the girl that I found myself attracted to most recently is becoming very similar to a girl that I was interested in in the past. Last time it ended badly, and I really don't want that to happen this time, but it's as if I'm walking a pre-established path. The path is headed straight for the executioner's block. I struggle against my bonds but I am unable to break loose of them. As I near the platform, I struggle harder still, and finally the executioner comes into view, his face covered by a hooded cloak. When I reach the platform, I stumble and fall. Hands pick me back up, but they are not comforting hands, but the hands of one that doesn't care. A hood is placed over my head and I can no longer see. Despite this, I can hear soft twang of the axe being freed from the executioner's block. I'm forced to kneel, with my head on the block, and I feel the axe briefly touch my neck as the executioner lines up. I hear a grunt as he raises the heavy axe. All the while I struggle to break free of my bonds. I hear the whistle of the axe as it falls, craving my blood. I find myself in the third person, watching my head fall onto the platform, the executioner's hood is thrown back, and the face I see is my own. I don't know how to break free of this path before its too late.