Final Fantasy Distant Worlds

Tuesday Night I went to Devos Hall where the Grand Rapids Symphony was performing music by composer Nobuo Uematsu, which is conducted by Arnie Roth. The evening was fantastic, and I would recommend it for anyone.

Final Fantasy Distant Worlds




So I found out Saturday night that my grandmother had passed away on Good Friday. She and my Grandfather had gotten married on April 21, which that year was also Easter, so they kind of considered Easter their anniversary as much as 4/21 was. She was also a kind and positive person. She once made me promise that I'd tell the girl I loved how I felt about her, not because she thought things would work out between us necessarily, but because she knew that it was something that would be good for me. And she was right. She would ask if someone was up when they were in their room, and when they said yes, she'd ask, "What, up on the bed?" I'll miss talking to her on the phone and receiving her wisdom, but I know she's in a better place.


Merry Christmas!!!

Okay, so Saturday Night is the Staff Christmas Party at my job. That's right, four months from the actual event, we're finally having our Christmas Party. And on Easter Weekend, no less. I was told that I ordered steak, though I don't recall ever being asked if I wanted steak or chicken, and even better, if you didn't choose one of those two, you get vegetarian lasagna, though I didn't find any of this out until yesterday at work, which is much too late to fix anything. Let me state quite simply that I am morally against the killing of plants for the purpose of eating. I think it's cruel to eat something simply because it can't run away, nor show signs of pain. So if I end up with the vegetarian lasagna, I will walk out of there without a second thought.

In Azeroth, Noxx attempted two dungeon runs this week, both which ended up featuring much higher level players running the rest of the group. In the first dungeon, a level 70 mage proceeded to attack everything, not with her spells, but with her dagger. My guess is that she didn't train with dagger much, because I was repeatedly able to steal aggro (enemies) off of attacking her and to then start attacking me, which resulted in numerous deaths on my part. She then proceeded to lecture me on watching my threat generation (Threat which is too high causes you to steal aggro). Now, if there's one thing I became intimately familiar with when playing Aneska, it's how to watch threat generation, and to make sure that no one overpowers the tank's threat level and thus steals aggro. We made it through this dungeon, but it took about half an hour longer than it should have.

The second dungeon run was led by a level 58 DK (Death Knight [read; Dumb Kid]) who proceeded to stand around and do nothing, resulting in a four man dungeon run by those too low in level to attempt it. Once the rest of us died, the DK would then begin attacking the enemies resulting in us not receiving experience points. This group I dropped out of along with one other person (others anted to stay) and signed on with Aneska and ran the other guy through the dungeon without a hitch. Noxx had made it through this dungeon in the past, so only went for the experience points. I think in the future, until I reach higher levels with Noxx, I'll start cashing in on favors owed to Aneska by having them run Noxx through those dungeons.

PUGs (Pick Up Groups) are hell, and more so when either the tank or the healer have no clue what they're doing.


Heroic Utgarde Pinnacle

Aneska Update:

After Dozens of attempts, I have finally been able to beat Utgarde Pinnacle on Heroic Difficulty. Every other time I've tried my group either had insufficient DPS, or Skadi the Ruthless would glitch and restart itself. The glitch is a known issue, and has been since people first started running this dungeon as a Heroic. Yet Blizzard has been unable to fix this issue in over four months. Now, I understand that there are going to be issues with online games, but when you've got a bug as severe as this one (you can't complete the dungeon without going through this guy) it should be one of the top priorities to fix. Sadly, the sword I wanted didn't drop(only an 18% chance), but with this success I'm confident that I'll be able to go back at another time to get it.

Meanwhile 3.1 is still due to come out, it was supposed to be back in January, however they're still in testing with no release date yet given for the new changes or the new raid. From what I can tell about it, you still won't be able to fight the Lich King, which seems kind of odd, considering the expansion is called Wrath of the Lich King, yet here we are months later, and still no word about taking him to task. I'm beginning to think he's just too scared to face my awesome tankadin skills.

Tankadin: A Protection Specced Paladin. Basically a self healing meat shield for the rest of the group.


A Work in Progress

I haven't left, I'm still here. Yes, I can hear the groans of despair as some of you realize this. The fact of the matter is that I don't post as much as I'd like to, because I like to wait until I either have something to say, or something I feel is worth sharing. Blog Father Harvey makes a good point that a blogs name says who you are. While I do consider myself a guardian of honor, I don't feel that such a thing is necessarily proper for this blog, as the subject matter tends to deal with other things entirely.

My weight is starting to drop, though I do still crave Dr Pepper like you wouldn't believe. Moving strictly to water with an occasional juice is hard to do, particularly since most businesses when you eat out don't offer much to drink besides soda and alcohol, and only with soda do you get free refills.

In the gaming world, I've been playing World of Warcraft for the most part. I've started working on Noxx a Night Elf Druid, and have to say that I find the class quite enjoyable. I started playing the game while I was driving the edit truck for Supercross during Spring of '08 as a way to avoid dealing with the people who were around the truck all day. I was expected to be on hand in case anything went wrong, even though the only things which might go wrong were things which I couldn't fix. And so I created Aneska, a Draenei (Drah-Nye) Paladin. And from there, I've been playing off and on ever since.