Today I went in and donated, and as I was heading to the holding area, which is the area that you go to before they give you one of those really nice almost beds, the assistant manager asked if he could give me the initial interview (after the phone call) after I finished my donation. After my donation I had the interview, and things seemed to go well. He gave me the typical questions that they ask in interviews and told me a about a few of the details that are part of a medical historian's job, and made sure I could handle stress. I assured him that after working for three years as a cashier at meijer, stressful situations weren't a problem for me.

I got the impression from the interview that he liked me and would speak favorably about the interview with the manager. I now look foreward to recieving a call about the third interview. I wouldn't be surprised if when I go in for my Wednesday donation they ask if I can interview after that. Here's hoping things continue to go well.