Fun in Medical History

At this point in job training, I'm waiting for the doctor to get back from his vacation so that he can sign off on my tasks. Once that is done, I won't be needing an initial next to my initial after everything I do, and I can finally be placed on the regular schedule.

All of my coworkers and even the management are fun to work with, everyone who works there is quite friendly and welcomed me to the center. Occassionally they will mix words, but it's always in jest, and you can tell that it isn't really meant. Thus far management has seemed more like coworkers than a boss.

Although customer service still plays a roll in my job, it isn't the main focus, and the people who come in to donate plasma are there because they want to be there, rather than they have to be, which makes a huge difference in the attitude people have.

So far its been the second job of nine that I've held that I've actually liked going to.

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