Moving to a New Blog

When I first created Custos Honor, I did so with the idea of using it for reporting in from my time in college, and then the Marines. Neither of those panned out for me, and since that time I've struggled to find my voice, to figure out just what the Hell it is I have to say.

Well, I think I've got an idea of that now, and with discovery comes change. I've decided that while Custos Honor had its time, the name no longer really fits me, or what I want for my blog voice.

So with that in mind, I've created a new blog, and will be moving there, I'll likely repost my Ayn Rand blog post there, as it fits with the direction I plan on heading in.

With the blog's name changing, so comes a slight change to my name. Ravencroft never really fit, I chose it because it flowed well. Now I'm choosing a new last name to post with, that being Phule (pronounced just like you'd think it would be)

I have chosen this name in order to help me guard against being a fool, or at the very least, against being foolish.

My new blog is Magniflorious Phule, and I hope you all will join me there.

- Andrew Phule