Fun in Medical History

At this point in job training, I'm waiting for the doctor to get back from his vacation so that he can sign off on my tasks. Once that is done, I won't be needing an initial next to my initial after everything I do, and I can finally be placed on the regular schedule.

All of my coworkers and even the management are fun to work with, everyone who works there is quite friendly and welcomed me to the center. Occassionally they will mix words, but it's always in jest, and you can tell that it isn't really meant. Thus far management has seemed more like coworkers than a boss.

Although customer service still plays a roll in my job, it isn't the main focus, and the people who come in to donate plasma are there because they want to be there, rather than they have to be, which makes a huge difference in the attitude people have.

So far its been the second job of nine that I've held that I've actually liked going to.

I outrank my blogfather . . .

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I'm worth $60.00

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Update forthcoming

As soon as I get a chance to get to the library, I'll create a proper post about work, but until then, I can't write much about it, as I don't want coworkers to be peeking over my shoulder as I write.


Quite the Blurse

Blurse: A blessing and a curse

I have now started my job with Biolife, and I've finished with the initial reading, which took about two and a half work shifts. I am now beginning my observations, in which they observe me as I do the basic tasks, and help me to learn how they are done.

The good news about the job is this: I am the only male currently working in the medical history area, and all of my coworkers are attractive.

The bad news: I am the only male in the medical history area, and all of my coworkers are already dating someone else.

I am adrift in an estrigen sea, but there are definately worse places I could be . . . ;)


Which is Better?

So my friends, when it comes to acts in the bedroom (or elsewhere as the case sometimes is) which is better, lingerie, or just bein' naked from the getgo?


We'll take the Physical Challenge

I remember when I was growing up, a very special show that would come on Nick. I used to watch the show all the time, and then it got canceled. Double Dare was in my ever-so-humble-completely-correct-oppinion the best game show ever. Not only did you have to have a decent knowledge, but you also had to have athletic ability, and not be grossed out by slime, and the many ways that they presented to you on that show. Slime was Nick's trademark. If someone got slimed, it happened on Nick. No other television station used it. Shows like You can't do that on Television, Double Dare, What Would You Do? all had this trademark. Nick needs to bring it back, along with the shows the worked so well with it. I'll never forget Barf the chef . . .


The Willowbrook Ballroom

Last night, I and some friends took a road trip to the Willowbrook Ballroom for a night of swing dancing. Overall we had a good time, we met some people there, and I had a great time swing dancing, and even managed to learn how to triple-step without constantly going back to the swing step. Big help is not to look at your partner when you triplestep, but at the back ground, because you will get dizzy. The dance floor was nice, and while they didn't allow flips and other throw moves, it was kind of nice because I likely wouldn't have learned the triple-step if they had allowed them. It would have been better if there was a live band instead of just a DJ. It was a nice place compared to the places I go on a regular basis on Tuesday and Thursday Nights, but overall I would have to say that it wasn't really worth the trip.


Medical Historian

As to what a Medical Historian is, I don't really know. This is what Biolife says is the job of a Medical Historian. I'm not sure what it all means.

1) Comply with federal, state, local and company-specific regulations related to quality of product, employee and donor safety and to the proper performance of day-to-day activities.

2) Committed to meet customer service expectations, greeting donors as they enter and exit the building.

3) Answer phones within reasonable timeframe

4) Take and record donor pulse, blood pressure, and temperature measures and conduct medical history questionnaire

5) Take and record other donor measures to include weight, hematocrit, and total protein

6) Check all equipment used in the medical history area

7) Enter donor information into the Donor Information System (DIS) (where applicable)

8) Assemble charts/collection containers for donor floor.

9) Coordinate donors to donor floor and compensate donors at Outgoing Coordinator.

10) Respond to donor reactions

11) Maintains complete and accurate records, in accordance with cGMP.

12) Other duties and responsibilities as assigned.

13) Ensure general cleanliness of work area, donor waiting area and assist other work areas, as
needed, to ensure a clean and professional environment.

14) Attend monthly staff meetings.

15) Maintain orderly filing system, purging records as needed.


A Job and A Road Trip

I received a call this morning, in fact it woke me up, I was going to let it go to voicemail and go back to sleep, but the caller ID stated that it was Biolife calling. When I answered the phone, it was the manager on the other end, and she informed me that she was pleased to let me know that I have been accepted for a position at Biolife as a Medical Historian at a wage of ten dollars an hour. I went in and filled out the remaining paperwork, and then went down the road and got a drug screening. Once they get the results from that, I can start working for Biolife.

In celebration, I'm going to take a road trip with some friends down to Chicago and we're going to go swing dancing. Anyone in the area is welcome to come, information about it is below

NO JEANS OR GYM SHOES ALLOWED!!!!!!! Seriously, Ballroom's rules, so
dress up and have a ball.
$10.00 admission at the door

Willowbrook Ballroom, 8900 S. Archer Ave.
Willow Springs, IL 60480.


Final Interview

So I think I had my final interview with Biolife today, and it will likely take until early next week to here any results from them.

I still haven't heard anything from the Bank in Maryland, but I'm not too upset by that, as I don't really want to move there.

Either job is likely to be temporary, as my Uncle in Georgia may yet decide to hire me to work for his production company, but that's atleast a few months away, as there's some things that he needs to take care of first.

I'm glad I was blessed with patience, because I hate waiting.



Today I went in and donated, and as I was heading to the holding area, which is the area that you go to before they give you one of those really nice almost beds, the assistant manager asked if he could give me the initial interview (after the phone call) after I finished my donation. After my donation I had the interview, and things seemed to go well. He gave me the typical questions that they ask in interviews and told me a about a few of the details that are part of a medical historian's job, and made sure I could handle stress. I assured him that after working for three years as a cashier at meijer, stressful situations weren't a problem for me.

I got the impression from the interview that he liked me and would speak favorably about the interview with the manager. I now look foreward to recieving a call about the third interview. I wouldn't be surprised if when I go in for my Wednesday donation they ask if I can interview after that. Here's hoping things continue to go well.


Movies and Jobs

I think I've been watching too many movies as of late. Thanks to Blockbuster, I can now take the movies that I rent from online, and return them at the store for a free rental, and free up my que right away. I've lost count of the number of movies I've seen in the last few weeks, and couldn't begin to remember the names of all of them.

My current employer continues to schedule me only once a week, so I'm going to be quitting this week as soon as I find a seasonal job so that I can continue to eat, buy gas for my truck, and pay my bills. You know, the luxeries of life.

Monday I'll be heading in to Biolife for the first of my twice a week donations, so I'll see if I can talk to the Manager that hires people while I'm there. My interview with the bank in Maryland the name of which escapes me still went well, and I will likely get a call back from them at some point, though I'm hoping to stick around Michigan for a little while longer.