Speak English Dang It!

I know that some people can speak another language in addition to english. If you're out in public and want to converse with friends of yours that can also speak a different language, that's fine with me. However, if you're in a work place that centers around customer service, it should be a condition that around your customers you speak in the dominant language of whatever country you are in. I find it highly rude to walk into a place of business and find that two employees are conversing together in another language that the majority of the people around you don't know.


Psychotic People

Without going into too much detail about it, I've decided to actually look back at my dating history, and I've come up with one conclusion. Every girl that I've ever seriously dated, has been crazy. I'm not talking acceptable crazy either. I'm talking the kind of crazy where the person needs to be locked up in a psych ward and evaluated. I've come to the further conclusion that there is something about me which attracks this kind of girl, so it's definately something I need to work on. Currently I wont date a girl unless a trusted friend at meijer says that she's okay to date, I figure that atleast for now, I can't trust my instincts.

In other news, the redwings didn't win the superbowl, but maybe next year. I've begun teaching people at another swing venue how to do the deathdrop, and I've also decided that running barefoot through the snow is better done when the temperature is slightly above the freezing point.