No Longer a Moderate

I used to consider myself a moderate, because there a some issues where I take the left's stance, and some where I take the republican view. However, with this election campaign, the left has just been ticking me off.

Their defeatist attitude about the war in Iraq, the fact that they can't give a straight answer to any question that matters. Rather than take responsibility for their mistakes, they blame it on anyone or anything that had even a remote connection to what happened. Rather than talk about the issues, they run a smear campaign against their opponants, forcing them to respond. In one instance, with the governor race here in Michigan, Granholm keeps pointing out how DeVos laid off a lot of jobs in Michigan and invested $200 million dollars in China. Well, first of all, it isn't DeVos' job to give people jobs. It's his job to make sure that the company he's running does well. Second of all, if he had kept those people here in Michigan and didn't invest his money in a factory in China, the company would have ended up having to lay off even more people, or might have failed, which would have placed more people in unemployment.

So if I'm not a moderate, what am I? I'm a conservative. I vote republican. I am pro-life, anti-control (pro gun education), for lower taxes, for the death penalty, and proud of it.

How can I be against abortion and for the death penalty? Easy. An unborn child hasn't killed anyone. When you have the intention to take someone else's life, and you act on that intention, whether you suceed or not, you forfeit your own right to life.