Issues with a Manager

This week, I decided to go home for Thanksgiving, so that I could be with my family. In order to do this, I had to take time off of work. When I first started working for the company, it was established that I wouldn't be working Tuesday PM. The days I asked off for were Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (11/22-11/24). My parents then set up my flight for me, which had me flying out of Grand Rapids on Tuesday. When I recieved my schedule for the next week, my manager had scheduled me Tuesday @ 12 pm.

I sent an email the day I recieved my schedule (it comes via email) and then called on Friday when I hadn't heard back from him, and he told me that he hadn't gotten my email, but that he would work things out. Today I recieved an email reprimanding me for not also asking for Tuesday off. In the past, he had scheduled me to work Tuesday PM, and since I didn't have anything I needed today, I worked the shift and then rescheduled the things I did that day to other times. I then sent an email reminding him that Tuesday PM I wasn't supposed to work.

Everyone says that Mike is a great boss, is my definition wrong?