Jesus Wasn't a Hippy!

Many Christians believe that Jesus had long hair, and that since he also preached loving God with all of yourself, and loving others as you love yourself, they call him a hippy. These people forget that Jesus was in favor of owning a sword (if you have no sword, sell your garment, and buy one [Luke 22:36]), and don't forget the temple where he trashed the place because people were being dishonest in the Lord's House. He even said: "Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword." (Matthew 10:34) The men who had long hair were the Nazarites (Samson was one of these) they made a promise to God that they would do something, and a mark of that promise was letting their hair grow out until they accomplished it, which once accoplished they could cut their hair. Jesus was a Nazarene, not a Nazarite (He hadn't made such a promise), his hair would have been short. Had his hair been long, he would have been noticeable, and Judas would not have had to kiss him to mark him as Jesus.

Jesus was no hippy.

I thought I'd be happier by now . . .

Always before, whenever I've gotten drunk, I've been the happiest person on the earth. Not so much this time. I'm not sad or anything-- I'm just apathetic this time. I don't get it.