This past weekend, I had my first two classes at Bartending School. The classes were quite enjoyable, and while we did have assignments, learning how to make drinks is actually quite fun. The people teaching the classes all have 20+ years of bartending experience, so not only do they know the best ways to make the drinks, they also know the best dirty jokes. One of them is as follows:

“Why don’t women have brains?”

“Because they don’t have a penis to put one in.”

The ‘tender that taught us this one told us that a female in one of his classes last week came up with this reply on the spot:

“Yeah, well I wouldn’t want a brain that small.”

The only downside to the class, other than it being in Detroit (two hours distance), is that you don’t get to try the drinks you prepare (this is ill-advisable, as it’s all latex paints and dyes)