This should be the proper link for the swing video.

In other news, I've finally got access to the sci-fi channel, something that I've lacked since moving to Grand Rapids, mainly because Comcast Cable is a complete rip off. I don't yet have internet back, I'm looking into DSL, and trying to find one where I don't need a pre-established phone line. I figure that since I've got a cell phone so I don't need a home phone. My personal life is finally starting to come back together for me, so my stress levels have reduced to defcon three.

Things in my family life aren't going so well however. My mother was diagnosed with cancer, and my grandfather has been in the hospital for the last week. My mom had already had surgery to take care of it, and started radiation, but they found more so they have to do more surgery, and they still aren't sure if they will need to do Kemo or not.