Michigan, and why I'm still living here

I had been trying to figure out why I remain in Michigan when I don't really want to be here in the first place. When I think about it, there isn't anything really going for me here. I have a job that I like, but it doesn't give me enough hours, and I'm starting to hate my boss. I have a few people that I call friend, but none of them are close enough to me that it would be a good reason to stay. I spend the majority of my time by myself, and I like it that way, I don't need to be surrounded by a lot of people, and when I am, I switch to observation mode. I don't have any romantic interests, and I constantly long to just take off with no set destination in mind.

So why remain here? I stay because there are some things in my life that I need to figure out, and it feels like it would be running away if I left. If I had a career waiting for me if I should leave, that would be a different story, but right now I don't, so I can't leave without feeling like I'm giving up. One thing I've never done is give up (unless refusing to do so would violate my integrity in other areas).


The Haunt

Last night I had the chance to check out one of Grand Rapids fall attractions, The Haunt, with friends DJ, Bethany and Joel. Its basically a haunted house, and I gotta give the people credit for doing an amazing job with decorations and costumes. However, I can't say that I found it scary, so I was a bit disapointed by that. The highlight of the night was that I knew one of the guys that worked there, and he either already knew who Bethany was, or I had mentioned her when he asked if I was planning on going to the Haunt (he got me VIP tickets for $10 instead of $20.) So I think Bethany got pretty weirded out by that. DJ didn't catch on to it until the guy mentioned his name as well, or atleast he didn't seem to. Another good part was where they had a platform that you had to walk over to get through a revolving tunnel, which completely messes with your sense of balance. It was a funy experience, but I was really hoping to get scared. I guess part of the fun is taken out of it if you know that you won't come to any harm. Maybe they could change that in the future . . .


Swing Dancing and Work

So my job with 7up is very physically demanding, as is swing dancing. On days where I don't have both, I can easily handle one or the other. Today my body is very sore and fatigued, and I'm going to be attempting work and swing for the next couple of days, so by Friday, I likely won't be able to move from my bed. I owe myself atleast 48 hours of make-up sleep, but we'll see if I manage to pull that off . . .


I'm Sorry! Really I am!

Its been a two month unnofficial hiatus. I really did mean to post sooner than this, but I kept putting it off. I'm going to have to start writing stuff at home, burn it to CD, then bring it to the library I guess. I'm going to try and make up for it now by sharing an addictive game with you:

the game is called line rider, and the concept is simple: draw at a downward angle, and then press play to watch someone ride the line. Then add jumps, try for backflips and front flips, try a loop de loop (harder than it sounds) then show it off to a friend.


Swing dancing has been going great, and I've begun teaching novices the basic steps, and the flips and airials that I know really well. If you're ever in Grand Rapids, come downtown and check out the swing club at 800 Monroe.