Meijer Babysitting Service

Every time I work in the gas station with Sonny and Cher (no their real names), I end up having to act as a baby sitter. These two people are seeing eachother. Now, if they were younger than me, I could understand this, however, they are both older than me (cher is a grandmother) I shouldn't have to be the mature one. However, I find that I end up having to parent these two as they fight through out the entire work shift. I had once asked to transfer to the gas station, now I really don't want to do that, as I really don't want to be a babysitter for these two every time that I have to work. I get along fine with everyone else though, so if I end up transfering out there for good, I'm going to have to ask for an ealier shift-- I can't handle those two in six to eight hour stretches.