Buying Used Games

I read an article about THC's new game policy and then read a commentary to it here

I'm curious how they feel about buying used books? Or even Libraries for that matter. To me, buying used games is pretty much the same as used books, and a lot of times, the only way I can get a book or a game is used. Especially if it's something that's out of print.The companies already made money from someone buying that game/book, so why is it a problem for someone to trade that game in for another game or book?

What if, instead of books, libraries carried video games?

I'm not necessarily stating that I think it's wrong for a company to do something like what THC did. I've always been a firm believe that it's their company, they can do whatever they want with it, or with it's products. The consumer can then decide if they want to agree with that company by buying it's products or not. However, once the consumer has bought that product, it becomes theirs to do with as they will (aside from breaking copyright law)Game companies like Rockstar found a better solution, I think: Offer additional content (in this case a better horse, or an outfit that refills your deadeye meter faster) to the first time buyer. This is content that only the first time buyer has access to (and perhaps later, others if they offer it as something to buy as DLC) and won't change the nature of the game, but adds further enjoyment to it. Saying online play is only for the first time buyers is actually limiting money making potential (unless they offer a way for people to pay a small fee to get it) via having avatar items or rings or whatever that are only available for online play which they can sell, thus generating revenue in a better way.

Other companies take into account the fact that there will be people who buy used copies of the game, and so to get any extras for the game, everyone has to go and purchase the DLC.Once again, I'm not saying that THC is wrong. I'm just saying there are better ways to deal with the fact that people buying used games doesn't generate revenue for the company.