Last Day Fun

So I figure enough time has passed (two months), and I can share this now.

On my last day at Meijer, I had a lot of fun.

The first thing I did was arrange in advance that I would be on U-scan. This is where the fun begins.

As a cashier, I'd been running the U-scan for two and half of the three years that I worked for meijer, so I learned a lot from the guys who would come and fix the machines. One guy didn't like to be called all the time, so he gave me the username and password, as well as showed me how to do some basic maintenance. Also at my desposal are a fair amount of computer skills.

By searching through the files on the computer at U-scan one day, I came accross network connections, and noticed that all of the lanes are connected to eachother through the U-scan.

On my last day, while at U-scan, I had previously called a radio station and requested the song: Take This Job And Shove It as well as arranged with a coworker in the back to set the radios to that station, and then broadcast it over the PA when the song came on. I waited for the song to start up over the PA, and then proceeded with my plan. I went back through the computer and located the network connections button, and then proceeded to shut down the network. I watched the expressions on cashier's faces as computer after computer started to malfunction. I then walked off the job. The service team leaders still aren't sure what happened.