Superbowl prediction

the Redwings will win the superbowl. The game will go to triple overtime, and they'll finally make the win with a homerun from center court, they'll bring home the world cup for sure.


Cat Talk

I'm looking at getting a kitten with my tax money. Any advice on what to look for in a a kitten? (ie, what are signs of good health and the like?)


This should be the proper link for the swing video.

In other news, I've finally got access to the sci-fi channel, something that I've lacked since moving to Grand Rapids, mainly because Comcast Cable is a complete rip off. I don't yet have internet back, I'm looking into DSL, and trying to find one where I don't need a pre-established phone line. I figure that since I've got a cell phone so I don't need a home phone. My personal life is finally starting to come back together for me, so my stress levels have reduced to defcon three.

Things in my family life aren't going so well however. My mother was diagnosed with cancer, and my grandfather has been in the hospital for the last week. My mom had already had surgery to take care of it, and started radiation, but they found more so they have to do more surgery, and they still aren't sure if they will need to do Kemo or not.


Biolife and Swing

Yesterday the doctor came back from his two week cruise, and finally signed off on my ability to do the task 1 and 2 jobs for the medical history area. Unfortunately, he had two weeks of files to go over, three nurses to observe, as well as a co-worker of mine who needed to be recertified. So it wasn't until late in my shift that I was finally signed off. And of course, because the doctor finally showed up, this was the day that the center became extremely busy (I think there's a murphy's law about this.) After I finally was certified, I went to lunch, ate Jimmy John's (Best subs ever) and came back to work, only to find out that a manager had to also sign the paperwork, and that that hadn't been done yet, so I still needed to locate a manager to verify my protien level checks, as well as co-sign with me. I started processing, I gave the guy a fingerstick (take blood from the finger, similar to diabetics), took his vitals (blood pressure and pulse), and he was fine to donate. I sent him out to the holding area, and then asked a coworker to get either a manager or a trainer to verify that I had everything right. Somewhere between 5 and 10 minutes later, someone finally showed up, I gave her my read, and she looked, then asked me to check again. I looked, and the reading had jumped from 6.7 to 8.9. When she had looked just a second before, it read 7.2. Due to the long wait for verification, the sample had gone bad. So I had to document a QNS (Quantity Not Sufficient) and then bring the guy back in and do a second fingerstick. I redid everything, and once again, he was fine to donate, this time the trainer stuck around to verify it with me at 6.7.

After that they finished with my paperwork, and I no longer need to get my findings checked over and co-signed.

While swing dancing Wednesday night, I started learning a move we have dubbed: "The Death Drop." I had done it improperly before with a much lighter and much shorter girl once before, and we got through it because I was able to muscle the whole thing. I figured I should learn the proper way. The description of the move is as follows: Boost the girl up so that she straddles your right shoulder, you both grip eachother's wrists, she then twists and slides down your side face first towards the ground (you have to help manuever her to the side of your body, otherwise she slides down your front and gets stuck), you lean back at the end, and she pops up. video (the video is sideways, as the site owner never got around to fixing it, but you can see the move)
Pictures of the place can be views here.