American Idol

So I was at the UGA @ Alabama game a little while back. We were doing a shoot for Are You Fan Enough, an On Demand show that focuses on the crazy antics of the fans, and them discussing the two teams that are competing. One of the fans told us we should go check out one guys house, because he was one of the largest contributors to that college. Well, on the fence was a sign marked private party, but being the good people we were, we completely ignored it and crashed the party with the camera rolling. Well, turns out it was the house of Taylor Hick's father, and they were throwing a tailgate party. Sure enough, Taylor Hicks was there in a baseball cap. My uncle didn't recognize him, and I didn't think he should have won so I kept my mouth shut. As it also turned out, his lawyer was there, and wanted to know who we were, and what we were doing. No one had told us to leave, but right now we're in a little bit of trouble with Comcast.

Update: We aren't in trouble anymore, and we can use the footage, though we've didn't put anything up showing who he is.