An End

How do you go back to just being friends? I started a relationship with someone I had been friends with for a while, and now I realize that I just like her as a friend. It's still a fairly new relationship, but I really have no experience in ending things amicably. Any suggestions on how to talk to her? (Obviously it'd be in person.)

I had thought about buying her a copy of He's just not that into you, the book the movie is based on, and then highlighting the appropriate chapter, but I'm really not the kind of guy who'd do something like that.


Weighing In.

Currently I weigh somewhere in the neighborhood of DAMN! My goal is to lose the weight by the end of the summer. I'll be changing my diet up to help accomplish this. I've cut out soda except for once a month. I've limited myself to water (purified from Brita) and Sobe or V8 splash (does not taste good). I won't be eating out quite as much, no matter how much I might crave an Oreo Sundae Shake from Burger King. I'm also adding in exercise, speed walking and stair climbs, which will be in addition to the walking I do while at work. My short term goal is to enter the Fifth Third River Bank Run, It's only going to be the 5k, but it's also in May, which is 3 months away. Longer term goals include entering the Grand Rapids Marathon. While running in these is merely a step, the main reason I want to do this is that I am sick of putting it off. I let myself grow too far out of healthy shape, and I'm tired of it.