Leaving hell, hoping never to return

So finally, after three years at a job that I despise, I've managed to find a new job, and will finally be leaving Meijer, never to return. I will now be working for 7-up/American bottling group, stocking the shelves and coolers at stores. Pay is a lot nicer, and I also get paid compensation for gas milage. I'll still be working at Meijer, as well as a few other stores, but I'll no longer have to answer to management or customers there.


Union Steward

Well, I've done something completely unnexpected, I've become a Union Steward. This is unexpected strictly because I hate unions. I think that in the past there was a place for them, but now that we have laws protecting workers, they ultimately serve no purpose. So why become a steward? for the power. In certain situations, I have as much authority as management. Also a perk is that every christmas I get my union dues back. So that's about the only perk I have at work anymore, other than finally getting vacation time after 3 years. I'm still paid less than 7 an hour, and I need more than that to survive.


Swing Dancing and Renaissance Festivals

Recently in my post-loss of internet life (how I miss easily accessing it anytime I want) I have taken up swing dancing. While I am still in the process of learning, it has been the most fun that I've had in quite some time.

This past Saturday, I had the chance to go to a Renaissance Festival. Unfortunately, I had to work. So I went to the Ren-fair, and when I got there, I called into work to inform them that my truck couldn't get me in to work today. This was a true enough statement, as my truck was at the time 2 hours away from me. That settled, I set about enjoying the fair. The first thing I did other than checking out the various swords and armor was to have my friend DJ arrested for sullying the name of a woman. He in turn had me and a friend arrested in his stead. And she and I had to dance and sing our way out of prison, after which I had DJ arrested again, and paid a small bonus so that he was forced to sing and dance to get out. However, he decided that this time he should run for it, and did so, finally getting caught because he ran down a dead end path. Next we went and checked out the various birds of prey (unfortunately we never got around to seeing a demonstration) and then proceded to the Ric Rac Dumb Show, essentially a guy making a complete fool of himself. Almost everything at a Ren-Fair is interactive, and I was called upon in the audience to help him get a ball out of his mouth that he was "stuck" there. I misunderstood what he meant by his hand gestures, and asked if he wanted me to punch him in the stomach-- to which he informed me by his behavior was not the case-- he wanted me to do the heimlich maneuver. The show was quite fun. The next event we went to was the Pirate Shanty and The Bonnie Lass, which I ended up going to a total of three times, as I enjoyed it quite a bit. However the best event was the Drench a Wench/Soke a Bloak. Those who dressed up for the fair were allowed to participate in getting soked, which DJ and I did, as it does get quite hot wearing period clothing. In this event, you are given three sponges to throw at the opposite sex. In thanks of getting soked, the guys hug the girls that soked them, and the girls kiss the guys on the cheek. The festival was great, and I'm looking forward to going to the Holly Renaissance Festival on September 2nd. Actually, I wouldn't mind being a participant in them and performing, and doing that for a living.


internet lacking

no internet for a little while. not that it affects this blog too much . . .


Time Loops (History Repeating)

Its odd, but the girl that I found myself attracted to most recently is becoming very similar to a girl that I was interested in in the past. Last time it ended badly, and I really don't want that to happen this time, but it's as if I'm walking a pre-established path. The path is headed straight for the executioner's block. I struggle against my bonds but I am unable to break loose of them. As I near the platform, I struggle harder still, and finally the executioner comes into view, his face covered by a hooded cloak. When I reach the platform, I stumble and fall. Hands pick me back up, but they are not comforting hands, but the hands of one that doesn't care. A hood is placed over my head and I can no longer see. Despite this, I can hear soft twang of the axe being freed from the executioner's block. I'm forced to kneel, with my head on the block, and I feel the axe briefly touch my neck as the executioner lines up. I hear a grunt as he raises the heavy axe. All the while I struggle to break free of my bonds. I hear the whistle of the axe as it falls, craving my blood. I find myself in the third person, watching my head fall onto the platform, the executioner's hood is thrown back, and the face I see is my own. I don't know how to break free of this path before its too late.