Peacecore and The Appalachian Trail

I've been debating for some time, though mostly in the back of my head more than anything else, about joining to peace core. I figure now would be the time to do it, as I don't have that many responsibilities in my life other than those in regards to myself. I'm a very handy person who's quick to learn, but more importantly, I have a desire to help people, and this would be another way for me to do so. The next step will be to talk to a recruiter, and after I've done some more research I plan on doing so.

Something I've started saving for is to go on the Appalachian Trail at some point within the next few years. I've got some things I need to take care of first, but they're very minor and will easily be taken care of by the time I have the money to go. Last year I spent five months driving most of the the United States to the west of Georgia, and I want this to be my next big trip, backpacking through the Appalachian Mountains.