I'm Sorry! Really I am!

Its been a two month unnofficial hiatus. I really did mean to post sooner than this, but I kept putting it off. I'm going to have to start writing stuff at home, burn it to CD, then bring it to the library I guess. I'm going to try and make up for it now by sharing an addictive game with you:

the game is called line rider, and the concept is simple: draw at a downward angle, and then press play to watch someone ride the line. Then add jumps, try for backflips and front flips, try a loop de loop (harder than it sounds) then show it off to a friend.


Swing dancing has been going great, and I've begun teaching novices the basic steps, and the flips and airials that I know really well. If you're ever in Grand Rapids, come downtown and check out the swing club at 800 Monroe.