Relationship Quiz

I would advise against copying this and posting your answers on you're own bulletin or blog. Feel free to copy it and pass it along, but the questions are simple, so just remember your answers until the end.

Do you find your self worth in others?

Are you dating someone because youre scared to be alone?

Do you constantly worry about the future?

Are you unable to let go of the past?

Do the smallest things set you off?

Is there no passion in your voice when you speak of the person your dating (if youve been dating a while)?

Do close friends and relatives think of the person your dating as a complete ass or bimbo?

Does the person your dating consistently lie to you or in some other way abuse you?

Do you find that either you or the person youre dating gets jealous easily?

Do you fight about little things and either not apologize or refuse to forgive?

Are either of you a obsessive with control (heres what you will wear, eat, etc.)?

Are you unable to talk openly about meaningful things with the person your dating?

If you answered yes to most of these, then your relationship is unhealthy and is very likely to fail. If you arent dating, and you answered yes to most of the first 5, then you likely shouldnt start dating anytime soon. Understand that I could be wrong. This is based off of my own experience and observations. As with any rule or idea made by man, there are exceptions. This is doubly so for dealings with psychology, as people are an uncertainty to begin with.