The Willowbrook Ballroom

Last night, I and some friends took a road trip to the Willowbrook Ballroom for a night of swing dancing. Overall we had a good time, we met some people there, and I had a great time swing dancing, and even managed to learn how to triple-step without constantly going back to the swing step. Big help is not to look at your partner when you triplestep, but at the back ground, because you will get dizzy. The dance floor was nice, and while they didn't allow flips and other throw moves, it was kind of nice because I likely wouldn't have learned the triple-step if they had allowed them. It would have been better if there was a live band instead of just a DJ. It was a nice place compared to the places I go on a regular basis on Tuesday and Thursday Nights, but overall I would have to say that it wasn't really worth the trip.