Fire Breathing

Okay, first, I want to caution everyone who isn't smart enough to realize this already, but firebreathing is extremely dangerous. Equally important, don't tell Boudicca's kids about this post.

Since I've moved back to Michigan, I have; either at Ren Fairs, or at Swing dancing (not sure what fire breathing has to do with swing) seen numerous examples of good fire breathing. I've also seen some really bad examples of it at a bar not to far from here, where in one case the side of a guy's face caught fire because he did not wipe the excess fuel from his face after breathing it.

I have decided that this is something that I want to learn how to do, as it seemed a natural step from making campfires become towering infernos of fire. My first few attempts have been great successes, or rather, they didn't end with me in the hospital or badly burned. In talking with some performance artists, I have picked up the basics and can only say that it's a technique that's both easy and dangerous in it's simplicity. While rather exciting to do, I initially found in my first attempts that having a flame that close to my face is also a little scary.

When I feel that I am good enough, I'll be sure to post video of my attempts.