A Job and A Road Trip

I received a call this morning, in fact it woke me up, I was going to let it go to voicemail and go back to sleep, but the caller ID stated that it was Biolife calling. When I answered the phone, it was the manager on the other end, and she informed me that she was pleased to let me know that I have been accepted for a position at Biolife as a Medical Historian at a wage of ten dollars an hour. I went in and filled out the remaining paperwork, and then went down the road and got a drug screening. Once they get the results from that, I can start working for Biolife.

In celebration, I'm going to take a road trip with some friends down to Chicago and we're going to go swing dancing. Anyone in the area is welcome to come, information about it is below

NO JEANS OR GYM SHOES ALLOWED!!!!!!! Seriously, Ballroom's rules, so
dress up and have a ball.
$10.00 admission at the door

Willowbrook Ballroom, 8900 S. Archer Ave.
Willow Springs, IL 60480.