PSA: Men and How To Last Longer During Sex

Lets face it, Men and Women are different when it comes to sex. To quote Jeff Foxworthy, women are a bit like diesel engines. It takes a while to warm them up, but once started, they can run for a long time. Men on the other hand are like bottle rockets. We light fast, and fizzle out faster. However, there are ways to last longer in the bedroom (or where ever else it is that you make love). Hopefully, after some practice with these, you will no longer be refered to as a minute man.

One way is to picture this.

Another is to press your tongue to the roof of your mouth. Tensing other muscles in your body requires blood to direct to that region, and away from your penis.

AskMen.com suggests a few approaches as well:

Control your breathing

Slow, even breaths are the way to go. Taking fast breaths, or holding your breath is not the way to go Adding sound to help you remember may also help arouse your partner as well.

Pull Your Testicles

Your testicles will rise closer to your body when its close to ejaculation. Lightly tugging (emphasis on lightly! Do not yank!) will keep them from rising, and thus help prolong the experience

Apply Pressure to the perineum(aka Male G-spot)

When it feels like your close to ejaculation, pressing down on the area between the anus and the scrotum with your fingers (or have your partner do it) will conjest the flow of fluid, as this is the path it takes to get to your penis.

Stop and Go (kind of like a sexier game of redlight greenlight)

Before getting too close to climax, pull out, and do other things that she will enjoy. This allows you to last longer, while still getting her closer to climax herself. This will also increase the amount of ejaculation fluids that you expel.

Finally, contract your muscle

located around your testicles, penis and anus are your pelvic floor muscles, also called the pubococcygeus (PC muscle). By contracting these muscles and letting go, you will have more solid erections and be better able to control your ejaculation.

You must keep your PC muscle in top shape in order to have the maximum sexual experience (women, this goes for you too!) The next time you urinate, try to staunch the flow midway by contracting these muscles. If you can't, then you need to start exercising it. The great thing is that you can exercise anywhere, whether at work, or sitting on your couch watching TV, to laying in bed before going to sleep.

Try stopping your urine midstream 3-5 times to make sure that you know where its located. Another way is to contract the muscles while you have an erection. If your penis moves up slightly, then you've found the right set of muscles.

For a complete list of the different type of exercises to strengthen your PC muscle, go here.

Well guys, good luck in your endeavors.