A Job and a Girlfriend?

My mother has conspired with her friends at the bank she's a member of to set me up with a job there. There also happens to be a single girl who works there, and they've also conspired to get us together. I visited the family in Maryland for Thanksgiving, and also turned in the application for the bank. The girl was on vacation, so I didn't meet her, but I did meet my mother's firends, and they seem very nice, despite their teasing me and all agreeing that the girl would like me. I flew back home later that day, and after I landed in Michigan, I recieved a phone call from my mother that the bank had called, and wanted to know if I could come in for an interview that night. I'll be flying out to Maryland again this coming week, for the interview.

In other news, strife with the manager continues, as he only scheduled me one day this coming week, and its a Tuesday PM shift. I'm not happy about that, but atleast I'll be able to go swing dancing right after work.

Ravencroft is lame.

Actually, he's not really lame. I just felt like being inflamatory. Although, analyzing his name I can't help but picture his head on Laura Croft's body... and that scares me.

Figured I'd post at random here, since Mesuir Ravencroft was so kind as to update. I actually can't find the last post I made here, so it must have been forever plus a day ago. Anywho, on with the post.

I believe I had mentioned here before that I was selling Aflac insurance. I had a really rough start with it, but I've actually improved as I've been going. Trouble is, the money is not coming in as fast as I had hoped or needed. Although I've seen people make good money and do well at this, I'm not going to be able to continue doing this full time any longer. I've started refreshing my resume and looking for a job, but all is not a loss. My speaking skills have seen a decent improvement, which happens after a thousand or so approaches to businesses. I'm also better organized than before.

Because of the situation, it does look as though I'm going to need to sell my house and move back to the city (Dearborn). It's really odd just driving by homes in the city and seeing the backyards. Now I'm not in the country where I'm currently living, but I could probably fit my house 4 times on my property and still have room between them. I'm not sure I could fit a house in the city twice on those lots. Another odd adjustment will be the noise. After living in Caro for 5+ years, I've become quite accustomed to the quiet. My mom lives about 4 blocks from the freeway, plus Metro planes fly overhead occasionally and that's just freaking loud! I don't quite remember it being so damned noisy.

So for now I'll just have to hope that things work out. It's going to be rough if we have to move everything and everyone back. Plus, I won't have my own home again. Trying to stay positive though, but it's not always easy.