Don't Mess With The Classics (Unless You Can Do Them Justice)

Okay, so as an April Fool's Joke, I told a friend of mine that they were remaking Gone With The Wind. Little did I know, until I googled it, that someone was indeed going to do just that.

Mark Borchardt a pot-smoking hippie (thanks Sarah) and director of American Movie, has taken it upon himself to butcher, I'm sorry, remake, an American Classic, according to this article.

From reading the article, it seems to be extremely low budget, He's casting his mom for some part. He wanted the orinal scarlet to play the role of scarlet-- but since she's dead, he's going with "Tiffany with the tattoos from Uptowner."

Okay, I'm not for remaking such a classic, but if I were to do it, I'd go with a better director, maybe Peter Jackson (who did LoTR, and is doing Halo) and have Johnny Depp play the role of Rhett Butler. I don't know who I'd get to play Scarlet, I was thinking Reba McEntire, but she's a little old for the part. Any ideas?