Something I May Come To Regret . . .

So here's the deal. You get to ask me *3 Questions* any three questions, no matter how crazy, inappropriate, or just random, and I promise to answer them 100% truthfully. So go for it! I'll answer honestly.




*Insert Clever and Funny Title Here*

I sometimes struggle with just what to post in my blogs. This is not due to a lack of creativity on my part, but more that when I write where other people can read it, two criteria must be filled. Firstly, that what Im posting has some meaning to me. And secondly, it must be something that I dont mind a lot of people that I dont know will be reading what Ive written.

The latter of the two conditions is possibly the more tricky of the two because Im willing to share anything about myself with complete strangers. The reason for this is that in encountering other people, as in chess, I prefer to react, rather than act. I play the black pieces. And so, when someone wants to learn of me, they must first act by asking a direct question. I dont like to talk about myself often, because to me it seems like Im full of myself, and while I may make jokes that seem to the contrary, Im actually not. Another reason for this is that it places me in the correct frame of mind to let people know about myself.

In most of the relationships Ive had with women that have gone beyond that of friendship, the girl was the one who asked me out. Usually it was a girl that I didnt have a clue was interested in me as anything other than a friend. I figured if they were interested enough, theyd ask me eventually. Looking back, I realize that I likely missed out on a few dating opportunities. A few months ago in OctOgre, I took it upon myself to ask a girl out. The relationship last about two weeks. I had found out that she had lied about a few key things, and then started dating another guy. (Shes gone through a few guys at work now.) The next girl I asked out, I have regretted doing so to this day.

After her, I decidedly swore off dating forever. Forever, it turns out, lasts until March 24th, which would be the day I asked a girl I hadnt met in person to see a movie with me that I had been planning on going to. By the way, dont go see Stay Alive, wait for the rental. Afterwards, we went to IHOP and talked. She seemed even cooler in person than she did in the few written conversations that we had. And I was very relieved to find out that she wasnt some internet psycho, as Im sure she was relieved that Im not. Shes a fun person to hang out with, even if she doesnt like ice-skating. Its nice to have a girl I can hang out with without wondering whether or not shes going to take something the wrong way.