This seems expensive for something that is basically a bunch of leftover wire.

and a whole load of technology here is waiting for your to view.

just to touch on a few of the items:

In Japan, they've released a credit card sized phone. I don't know why people keep wanting cell phones that are smaller. A smaller phone is easer to lose. Personally, I'm happy with my razr. I thought about getting the slivr, but I prefer flip phones, as I've seen people call numbers by accident too many times, only to hear a faint disembodied voice coming from their crotch region.

Available at Amazon is an ice cream maker ball. This seems interesting, and if I liked ice cream enough, I would probably get it. You place the ingredients inside the ball, and then bounce it around for twenty minutes, when your done, you have ice cream. Before your done, you have a 7lb ball of death that I'm sure you can find creative things to bounce it off of to get that "special" flavor of ice cream . . .

here's also a remote control golf ball, which I'm sure you can imagine the uses for right away (just don't let someone tee off on a par 3 . . .) how many points do you knock off for a hole in none?

For those of you who just can't figure out what your dog wants or how their feeling, go buy a different pet! Or you can buy a doggie translation device, which tells you just that. Frankly, I find it a waste of money, as dogs, being dumber than man are quite easy for anyone to understand.

Mr. T and Burt Renolds have lent their voice to TomTom's navigation company. "I pity the fool who can't find his way without asking directions!"

Finally, there's a model tornado available for purchase. For only $204.00 you can have your very own tornado sitting right on your desk. No word as to the liability if there should be a sudden power surge, quickly creating a class 5 tornado in your office building, ripping your latest project to shreds moments before the deadline and at the same time killing off your secretary . . . but it looks nifty!

There are many more gadgets for your viewing pleasure at that site, so go check it out.