The Haunt

Last night I had the chance to check out one of Grand Rapids fall attractions, The Haunt, with friends DJ, Bethany and Joel. Its basically a haunted house, and I gotta give the people credit for doing an amazing job with decorations and costumes. However, I can't say that I found it scary, so I was a bit disapointed by that. The highlight of the night was that I knew one of the guys that worked there, and he either already knew who Bethany was, or I had mentioned her when he asked if I was planning on going to the Haunt (he got me VIP tickets for $10 instead of $20.) So I think Bethany got pretty weirded out by that. DJ didn't catch on to it until the guy mentioned his name as well, or atleast he didn't seem to. Another good part was where they had a platform that you had to walk over to get through a revolving tunnel, which completely messes with your sense of balance. It was a funy experience, but I was really hoping to get scared. I guess part of the fun is taken out of it if you know that you won't come to any harm. Maybe they could change that in the future . . .

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