Dating 101

I promised this this weekend, but like I said, I was busy.

When my plans were to go into bootcamp, I decided to take a break from dating, now that I'm back, I've decided to start again. Anyway, I figured it would be a good idea to review what I know, and the easiest way for me to review, is to write it down. So guys, I've decided to share this information with you as well.

Attraction isn’t a choice. If you talk with a girl, and she forms an opinion of you, and she isn’t attracted to you, then there is nothing you can do about it. However, if she does feel attraction towards you, then there’s nothing she can do about it. No amount of logic, talking to her friends, peer pressure, can over come it. The more it grows, the more powerful it becomes, it will overrule everything, to the point where the girl will make sacrifices to be with that guy, even if he isn‘t the best for them, even in situations where the guy is abusive. So how do you form attraction?

The key, is to be confident and funny. You have to be able to keep your power in a relationship. Too often, I’ve seen guys give up their power even before a relationship starts. They’ll see an attractive girl, and immediately ask, “would she be interested in me?” This is the kind of question wussies ask. What is a wussy? A wussy is the combination of two words, wimp, and another word which I won’t mention. Having wussyness is kryptonite for a guys chance to have a girl become attracted to him. The key therefore, is to remain confident, and to be funny. The ladies magazines that say that humor is one of the most attractive things about a guy weren’t lying, they merely left out that the guy also needs to be confident.

Things like, paying for dinner, for the movie, buying expensive gifts, all of these things are things a wussy would do. Now, if done the right way, they won’t hurt you. I typically act like its no big deal, however, I’ve also let her pay for my meal as well. “But that isn’t the gentlemanly thing to do.” Well, actually, I’m not sure it isn’t. The concept of a gentleman today isn’t a true gentleman, it’s a gentleman with his balls cut off. If you want a good example of a gentleman, look at the character of James Bond, or John Wayne. Study how they act around women. This is the type of confidence you want to have. Rhet Butler is another fine example of a true gentleman. Guys, its okay to watch Gone With The Wind with your girl, just make sure you’re studying Rhet whenever he’s in the scene.

A way that makes it easier to talk to a woman your interested in, is instead of asking, am I someone she would consider dating, ask this, “Is she someone I would consider dating?” I know it seems simple, but dating is in some aspects like a war, and if you have no moral, it’s impossible to get the victory.

Well class, this is enough for now, practice what you have learned thus far, and I’ll have another lesson for you in the future.

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