For all you Lord Salens Fans............

In response to Ravencroft's post, I'm not gone just lazy. You should see my own site... few and far between posts. For those who may not know me, here's a little insight into the Mind of Lord Salens:
I once thought it would be cool to design websites for a living and made some decent money, but what held me back was the fact that if it wasn't fun I didn't want to get back to it. It seems that something that so entertained me when I was screwing around, was just not so interesting when I was expected to me deadlines and such. Not that it wasn't an excellent creative outlet, it just wasn't enough of an outlet to keep me going.

That's the main reason I have my own domain and just randomly post things there. It's not likely to draw much attention and I can do it at my own pace.

But worry not for I am working on a new post that came to me while standing on my back deck... Fun With Mormons. Hopefully you'll be delighted.

In Nomine Salens,
Lord Salens

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