Some words about updating, and an update

I try to update Custos Honor fairly often, but ultimately I don't always have things to post about. I don't have a hectic schedule. In fact, I try to keep an extremely open schedule so that I can handle the unknown things that happen during the day, or if a friend of mine needs my help, I can then help them right away, or if need arises during one of those rare times when I'm busy, it won't be all that long before I'm no longer busy.

I have taken some interest in the news lately, but I still rebel against watching any news because I want to remain a kid at heart for as long as possible, and things like watching the news, or going to bed before 0200 make me feel like I'm getting old.

Another problem is that I have things that I'm trying to focus on, and they don't involve the internet, so while I'm at my parents, I usually only pop online for about two minutes to check my email, and then log back off. Occassionally I will check out my favorite blogs, but for the most part I try not to tie up our one phone line for long periods of time.

I have debated posting my cell # in an entry, just to see what fun might come of it, but haven't because I've contacted people I've met online and the conversations were a little awkward in most cases. The second is that a number of people would see this number that I'm not all that certain I want to have access to it. Maybe I'll try it at some point, who knows.

Tomorrow I'll be headed to Sundance Chevrolet in Grand Ledge to look at a Dodge Dakota. The specks look good, I'll post them if we get it. My dad took a look at it on the way back home from work and told me that it looked pretty good. The only downside is that as he was leaving, there was a couple looking at the same truck, so hopefully it will be there tomorrow when we go to look at it.

I now have a new email contact: andrew.custoshonor@gmail.com

When I get back to Hal0house, I'll update more regularly, but for now I'll post when I can. If I get a vehicle tomorrow, I'll be sure to update about it.

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