Dodge Avenger

The dakota sold yesterday, had I been thinking I would have asked my dad to look at it and then buy it if it seemed okay. Looked at a Ram 1500 today, but passed it up, and then it got bought I wanted to go back to look at it. It looks like I'm going to be stuck with a Dodge Avenger. I've read some reviews on them and it doesn't look too promising. It doesn't have many miles, and it has decent MPG, but they seem awful interested to make the sale, so I'm not sure what to make of that. Dad checked it out and said it seemed okay.

Driving it it seemed okay, but it was hard to see out of the side and rearview mirrors. It braked fine, and had good alignment, good tires. It doesn't have much in accelleration, but I'm used to a turbo charged Probe.

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