The Start of a Great Adventure pt. 1

I could get into serious trouble if I get caught, he said to himself as he slowly crept into the king's chamber. The full moon cast enough light into the King's chamber as to make it seem as day to the young man. A mirror was on the wall directly across from the kind was made of pure silver. In it, he could see is entire body. He had a look about him that was popular among the women. He had a slightly chiseled face, his brown eyes have an almond tinge and his black hair was kept short to show off his looks. His only physical flaw was a scar that ran from the middle of just above his left eyebrow to an inch below his eye. His had a wirey build, letting him move faster and stealthier than most men. On his hip was the sword, Alchaizer. He was short, which helped him hide. He wore a simple black tunic and pants, which helped him well in his profession.
The floor tiles were perfectly square, and made to look like ice. Hell, he thought, maybe it is ice; it's damned well cold enough in here.
Shadow crept slowly toward the bed, the king's light snoring the only audible sound within the room.
"Aaaahhh!" The King awakened with a shout, a cold sweat covering his old frame.
Shit! Shadow thought, what a time for the king to have a nightmare! Quickly, Shadow reached into his belt, grabbed a knife, and threw it straight at the king. The knife flew straight and true, as if it couldn't wait to taste the warm blood of royalty. It cut right into the king's throat, the force of the impact sent the king backward into the back board of his bed, where the knife imbedded itself with a loud cracking sound as the wood was violently shoved apart. Blood began to flow quickly down the king's front. The king was dead before he even knew he was awake.
Shadow quickly retrieved his knife and cleaned it on the sheets. Blood began to spill out of the king's neck as the knife was pulled away. Just as he was left the bed, two guards in chainmail armor forced their way into the room, the door disentengrated into so much scrap as they broke it down.

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