Last days

Now that May has officially started, my days as a civilian are quickly drawing to a close. Monday is my last day of classes before summer starts. After tomorrow I have twenty-one days before I leave for recruit training. I look back and compare myself to just a few months ago. A few months ago, I couldn't run a mile without getting winded before we were half-way through. I couldn't do a single pull-up, I was pathetic . . .incredibly out of shape. Now I'm running three miles without stopping and wanting to go farther. I'm almost at four pull ups, I'll be at at least six before I leave. I've been losing weight rapidly since I started exercising, and now I need a new wardrobe, all my old clothes are at least two sizes too large. I think this is why people so often don't lose weight, they can't afford new clothes.

Sissy has offered to keep the blogfamily updated while I'm at recruit training in San Diego. So if my friend decides not to update, then you may be hearing from her while I'm gone. (From what I've seen of her blog, she's pretty cool.)

Later this week I'll post a little more of, The Start of a Great Adventure.

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