The Job Search Sucks.

So it's been about 3 months, maybe closer to 4 now that I've been searching. I've had two phone interviews, and one in person interview. I've put out over 200 resumes. I still have no job.
It's been a mixed bag, being at home all the time. I get a lot more time to spend with my wife and children, which is excellent since the last job I had limited that at times due to the overtime I worked. The negative is that I feel like I'm not doing enough. Going to work and getting tasks completed is now a missing piece.
Not that I just sit around all day twidling my thumbs. I've been doing school work, which takes a lot of time up with the classes I have now. Also been sharpening my skill set, learning Python, advanced bash scripting and random other techno studies. I've also been working on my basement, trying to tear out some old tounge and groove board walls to do some repairs and remodeling. Lately I've found myself working with my martial arts instructor to remodel what will become our dojo. And while the later may turn into a secondary income working in the dojo (on both the administrative and instructor sides), I'm not getting an income right now, aside from unemployment.
I have been offered a chance for a job, not exactly what I've ever pictured myself doing, selling Aflac. From the people I know who do, or had and now retired from, selling Aflac it can be a great business. You can work your own schedule, giving yourself time for family and play, while still making a good living. On the flip side is the fact that you really have to hustle and be out there selling. So I think I'm going to try it out...
...At least until I finish this degree for a silly piece of paper. It seems everyone wants you to have one, regardless of your knowledge and/or skill set.

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