I Can't Unsee It! a Public Service Announcement

Welcome to my first PSA. I guess it could be considered the second, if you take into account my ealier post about how to treat your cashiers. However, this is the first official PSA.

So spring is officially here, or close to being here, one of the two. Either way, the weather is slowly but surely starting to get warmer. I want to take this moment to say something about how you should dress in regard to this warmer weather. If you don't have the body for revealing clothing, do not wear revealing clothes. I am sick, and disturbed, to see people who are eighty, and look their age wearing clothing that was made for buxom teenagers five times younger than them. Just because you used to be really good looking, doesn't mean you still are.

For you girls who like to wear revealing clothes. Realize that if you wear the clothes, guys will check you out, and they will notice ten to twenty times more than you do about just what you are revealing. So don't take offense to us checking you out.

It should be noted, men, that you should wear clothing that is specific to your gender. Women can pull off wearing men's clothing, and in the right circumstances (sometimes the wrong circumstances), is quite sexy. However, just because it works for women, doesn't mean that it works for men. I don't care if you are gay or not, backless tops that are metalic silver in color (or any clothes with metalic colors) with skirts and high heels are not appropriet for men. I will make fun of you, and then I will tell my friends about you.

Please, this spring, please dress in a way that is flattering to your body-type.

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