Throwing Around My Weight

(Pretend Wierd Al's Fat music video is playing here. I know you all have imaginations.)

A lot of people like Amish Paradise, and I have to agree, that it is a great song, however, I feel that Fat is a much better music video.

As it stands, I've slowly started gaining weight, as I haven't kept up with my running. So my goal is that by the summer, I'll be atleast back to 200 lbs-- or atleast able to run 3+ miles at a time again. I'm not sure where my running is at, as I haven't stayed with it. When I was out of shape, I ran a mile and a half in 14:45. Just before I was supposed to ship, I was down to 12:45. I'd like to get that even lower. I plan on participating again this year in the 5th third river bank run, and its never too early to get started with training for that.

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