I havn't posted in a good while, but holy crap I must speak out against the travesty below! I must say it has become one of my pet peeves when people embed video that automatically plays on it's own. It's quite common in the wastelands they call 'MySpace' (which, by the way, someone has decided to make a freaking documentary about and I've seen a book based on the retardedness of MySpace. Someone needs to give me lots of money to make stupid books and movies).

Anyways, the other reason I havn't posted is that I am currently jobless but on the hunt. I just passed my LPI Certification today and I'm working towards my A+ and Network+ Certifications. Come to think of, I'm also in college again and probably didn't say anything here. Ah well.

Perhaps I can post some more random nonsense sometime in the near future. Until then.. toodaloo!

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