I haven't posted in a while, partly due to the fun that is moving in to a new place, partly due to not having internet at my new place, and partly because so much has been happening that I just couldn't make time. So as it stands, here's what's happened in the life of the good Reverend:

I started hanging out with a coworker who had told me she was 18, and things seemed to be going well. I then found out from one of my slightly higher ups that she wasn't 18, that she was 17. I don't know about other states, but in Michigan, that kind of thing is frowned upon. Now, there wasn't anything to actually worry about, as we didn't have sex, and that's where the law has a problem with it.
That she had lied to me didn't have the normal affect it would usually have on me-- I usually would end a relationship of any kind after someone has lied to me. or at the very least, whatever trust I had given them would no longer be given. However, in this case, I didn't care. Come to find out later that she had started seeing another co-worker, saying the same thing, and found out that she and I were never actually dating, which was fine with me. I fel sorry for my co-worker, as he now has to deal with her, and she thinks that she and him are dating (Ahh the drama that unfolds at Meijer)

Came to realize that I didn't care that she lied, or that we weren't dating, because I love another girl, whom I had thoroughly burned a bridge with and can't contact anymore.

In other news, I began focusing on a new cashier at meijer, and we hung out last night. I knew that she had a boyfriend, and that he was/is very controlling. What I found out last night was that he hits her. I had her stay the night, and today before she left, she promised she would go to the police. I'm going to talk with her again tonight, and if she hasn't gone to the police yet, then I'll take her myself tomorrow.

Life has been interesting these past few weeks. I sometimes feel that God is using me for his own amusement, but that's okay, because I'm laughing too.

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