Someone Is Lying To Me

As I may of may not have mentioned, I had not heard from my friend who's boyfriend hits her since Thursday afternoon. Nor had she gone into work that Friday or Saturday. I didn't get to sleep Saturday night until about 05:00, largely due to the fact that I was worried about her. I went in to work on Sunday to purchase some things, and who should I see but that same friend whom had been missing. I went through her line, and asked how she was doing, and if she wanted to go to the police. After a very long pause in answer, in which time she told me that he would get quite angry if he came to pick her up and she wasn't there, she told me that she would like to go. I then set things up so that I would arrive well before her boyfriend should, and also arranged to get her out of work early so as to avoid confrontation. I then left and got a friend of mine (my old roommate) to help in case anything went wrong.

Well, things went wrong. Upon arriving back at work, the Service Coordinator asked me if I knew where the girl was, as she had gone on break and didn't come back, this being a half an hour ago. We then searched the store and didn't find her. I called her cell, and recieved no answer. My only possible clue was a phone number that had called my cellphone that I didn't recognize. Upon doing a reverse phone search, I got the address, and my friend and I drove there in his car (his car is much faster than my truck) with the idea of taking her to the police station if that was indeed where she was at. I recognized her car in the driveway, and knocked on the door, but recieved no answer. I then called the number which had called me, using caller ID blocker, and an older woman answered the phone. I explained who I was, and what the situation was, and asked to speak to the girl. I was not permitted to do so, and was informed that she was not being abused (she can leave whenever she wants) had called them on her break, and was terrified of me, having them come and get her at work. After a bit more discussion, I left it that I would no longer try to contact her, and that she knew how to reach me if she needed to. This message was conveyed to the girl, who they told me said, "fine."

I don't know if she's the one lying, or if they are. If its her, she's doing a damned good job of it, because there are people who think she's being abused who haven't even talked to her about it.

Either way, I feel used and made a fool of.

"Life's a dance you learn as you go, sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow. Don't worry about what you don't know. Life's a dance you learn as you go."

-John Michael Montgomery

What happened to the life I thought I signed up for?

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