You may address me as...

So Andrew is going away to boot camp and asked if I could fill in some posts while he is gone. I dutifully agreed, and here I am with my first post. Now as my first act on this blog, may I welcome you all as my humble subjects. You may address me as Your Majesty, His Majesty, The All-Knowing Seer, M'Lord, any other royal title, or Reverend, Lord Salens.

You might now be wondering who I am, and want a little background. Well that's just too bad. How dare you address your new overlord with such a tone in your pompous response.

So as I said, I'll be posting some miscellanious things here until Rev. Andrew figures out that I've destroyed his blog, alienated his readers and set a fire on the web so large that Detroit will have to burn itself and it's suburbs down just to keep up.

Until then my loyal subject, remember this: the all-seeing eye on your dollar bill is a secret listening device planted by the Masonic-Illuminati-NWO-Etc Order and you should send them all to me for proper disposal.

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