Contrary To My Ambitious Subordinate's Claims

I am still very much here and watchful of the blog-o-sphere. Nothing is done on this blog without my say so, at least to the point where I'll delete it if I don't want it there. However I haven't had need to do so thus far, and I don't anticipate such a need in the future.

I haven't been posting much lately because I've been working on something secretly for Harvey that not even he was aware of. (Though he may have been given a hint when I asked him an important question to completing the project, though it was sort of a vague question, so if he didn't know it then, that's okay because it was a very vague question which only an all-knowing being [or myself] would have known the true reason behind it.

Now the project is complete, and if Harvey deems it worthy of posting, I'm sure he will do so, but for now I'm going to take some much needed rest from the computer, and will maybe possibly post something in the not-so-far-away-future which will involve possibly something to do with the Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, or one of its later sequals. To that end I bid you a fond farewell for now, and Don't Panic.

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