People To Do, Things To See

I have come up with a list of things that I need to accomplish. These aren't big, life changing things, just some things that I want to have done.

1. The first thing I need to do is create a new email address. It will be a gmail account, but I like to have names that are fitting, and marine4life is no longer a fitting email name. Anyone with ideas feel free to post them in the comments.

2. Find a car. This has been covered in a previous post, so will not be addressed further.

3. I would like start writing the next part of my story, and thus destroy the rather large writer's block that has formed. I know the direction the story is supposed to go in, but am unsure how to get it there. I need to sit back down with my notes and just start writing. I want it to have the feel of an RPG, so I want to throw in random battles, and have references to things like the couch of infinite comfort +5, but am not entirely sure how I'm going to incorporate such things into my story just yet.

4. Buy the next Harry Potter book. It comes out June 26, so I plan on getting it the day of.

5. Stay in shape. Being in the Delayed Entry Program, I have gotten into much better shape and health. I plan on maintaining and increasing in this. I feel a lot better now than I did a few months ago.

6. Find a different Job. I'm tired of working for Meijer, and will be headed back there as soon as I get my next vehicle. I need to stay motivated to find another job, preferably one that pays better.

7. Although I'm quite fine with being single, I would like to actually meet someone in the Grand Rapids area with whom I can start a relationship. I'm not shipping out anymore, so the issue of being around for a week and then leaving for three months isn't a problem. I've already been on a couple dates, but haven't wanted to get too involved with them because of I was supposed to be leaving soon. Now that isn't a problem, but they have either moved out of the area, or have started dating someone romantically.

8. I need new clothes. The clothes I have are all too large. Most of them are too large by atleast one size, and all my pants (except for 4 or 5 of them) are two-three sizes too large for me. I have a good sized belt, but pants that are too large aren't comfortable when used with a belt that is just the right size. It tends to cause the waistline to become incredibly uncomfortable.

While I'd like to accomplish these things, I'm not too worried about getting them done. I know the world won't end if I fail to complete just one of these tasks. If my failing to accomplish one of these tasks does end up in the world's demise, then the Universe is indeed a strange place, and it deserves its fate. I'm not God, nor do I want to be. Well, actually I do but don't tell him that. ;)

*waits patiently for lightning to strike*

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