The Start of A Great Adventure pt. 3

okay, I lied, there's still some parts left to post after this one, I'll post the next part just before I pack up my computer for storage.

Unknown to either Assassin, two of the guards were still very much alive. They both stood up cautiously, somewhat unsteady after being knocked out. The larger of the two goes and checks the other guards for signs of life, while the other locates the tracks that the assassins left. He found them, at the base of the wall of the castle right outside the window to the king's room. Both of them headed south.
"Tiny, get over here fast!" he yelled to his partner. "The tracks are still fresh enough that neither has much of a lead on us."

"Sure thing Leo," Tiny called back, as he leapt out the window, falling thirty five feet, and landing lightly, a foot away from the smaller guard. At eight feet, he was the tallest guard in the king's service, and quickly gained respect from the other guards. His short hair had the effect of making his head seem on fire, and it didn't help that it was yellowish orange, and for some strange reason, was near blue at the base of the hair. He had light green eyes that glowed with an inner flame. He had a dark allover tan, even though his armor covered most all his body. He had a handsome face, but was extremely modest and unsure around women. A former mercenary, he was quite skilled with every blade known at that time, but favored a large two handed cleaver, made with him in mind, the blade was six feet long, and a foot wide along its length, a single sided blade that ended in a point. He had ended his mercenary career for a steady paying position. There was not much need for a mercenary in these times of peace.

"Tiny, you really need to stop doing that," Leo scolded him, though his slight smile gave him away. Being seven feet tall, Leo was the only guard able to give Tiny a good match, the others being to short to be much of a challenge, because even though tall and strong, Tiny was also extremely fast. Leo was the only guard that was faster than Tiny and that only by a small degree. The two had become like brothers over the years they worked together. He had long, icy blue hair down to his middle back. His eyes were like that of gold spun with silver, and they showed wisdom beyond they're years. Unlike his human friend, his pupils were like those of a cat's. His ears were pointed as an elf's, but were slightly longer. Of his ancestry, he knew that he was half-elf, and part human, but he didn't know how much was human, nor what the rest of his heritage was. Leo's sword was a hand and a half bastard sword, its blade was made of titanium, a very rare metal in his day, lined with diamond along the blade edges it was quite sharp. Engraved upon the blade was an emblem of a raven holding a rose. Personally charged by Astea, goddess of wisdom and goodness, in a dream sent to him at a young age, he became a paladin to the last king of Crecinia, the nation they were now in, and served faithfully at the king's side to his death. Both Tiny and Leo were known for their honor and their chivalry.
A guard rushed up to Leo.

"Sir, it has been reported that the entire royal family was slain," the young man said.

"Not entirely. The prince has been away studying afar for the past few months. His double was the one slain," Leo reported. "Send a messenger and five score of guards to Panax. He shall have to return and take the thrown."
The Guard rushed of to do as he was told.

"Leo, why is it everyone else died except for we two?" Tiny asked him. "By all rights, we should be dead."

"Tiny, that is a question that we may never know the answer to," Leo replied. "It may have been that Astea interceded at our deaths and healed us. This would mean that we have some destiny yet to fulfill."

"Astea is mighty indeed then, to be able to reverse death," Tiny observed. Leo nodded in agreement, then put two fingers to his mouth and whistled long and hard. When his whistle died down, the galloping of horse could be heard not far off.
"Come, we must follow quickly, before the trail gets too cold to follow," Leo told him. Two horses arrived, somehow already knowing that there would be excitement tonight, and both were eager for it as they pranced up to the two soldiers. Without another word, they both mounted, and were off with a flash. They would catch up to the two assassins within the hour.

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